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Prepare For El Niño: Here Is How

With so much talk about the El Niño weather system and its potentially devastating effects, being prepared to deal with the onslaught of rain and wind is a necessity. I was reading through some preparedness articles and I found the one from the LA Times to be most complete because it talks about home and auto preparedness.

Here is a few tidbits from the article published 10.17.2015 that I found most helpful:

  1. Invest in a generator: If your neighborhood is susceptible to power outages, consider buying a portable generator or maybe even a permanent standby generator that kicks on as soon as power goes out. I found a generator at the home depot that would suit most needs here.
  2. If you recently converted your lawn to a drought tolerant hardscape, water may flow differently over your property. The spongy grass lawn that used to absorb water now is a hard packed soil that may not drain properly.
  3. Ants! The rain brings them out of their tunnels and into your home. Call your exterminator and have them do a preemptive strike on those six legged bad boys.
  4. Get new wipers, like now.
  5. Check those old tires. It might be time for new ones. The Auto Club of Southern California recommends that you have at least 50% tread available on your tires in wet weather.
  6. Put together a disaster kit for your home and your car. Here is a good resource for that:

For the full article from the LA Times Click Here.