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Market Monitor

There is no question that the real estate market is cyclical. The market monitors below illustrate the peaks and valleys of the real estate market in San Diego County. Educate yourself about the market and buy or sell when the time is right.

Active Listings

The amount of Active listings in the market can also be referred to as the supply. We have all heard of supply and demand. These basic principles apply to the real estate market just like they would in any other market. When the demand is high (like it is in today’s market) and the supply is low (also our current state) the prices are likely to be higher. When the supply is increased, it tends to temper the price a bit. Keep on eye on the supply to see what kind of real estate market you are entering.

New Listings

Much like the Active Listings monitor before, the New Listings monitor gives you an idea of the current market and past trends. Notice when the market sees its highest and lowest levels of new listings. When would you list your home?

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