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Liberty Public Market

This weekend, my mother in law was in town and asked if we knew where liberty station was. My wife and I said “Yeah! I’m pretty sure Stone Brewery is there and maybe a few other restaurants. Why do you ask?”

As it turns out, she had read a recent article in her Sunset magazine about a new public market that was located at Liberty Station. I had not heard of it and we were hungry, so I said “Let’s go!”

We arrived at Liberty Station. It was bustling like I had never seen before. Not that I went there all that often, but you could tell that the commotion was elevated. Parking was competitive and everywhere I looked, there was people out and about, craft beer in hand. After finding parking we were able to enter the Liberty Public Market and into what felt like another world.

The European influence at the in the layout and energy in the market was undeniable.

A plethora of booths organized in a grid with a vendor at each corner. A neighborhood florist. A traditional meat market. A cheese vendor. Burgers and craft beer. A Parisian style coffee stand. Where am I? Copenhagen? Barcelona? Paris? No sir. You are in America’s Finest City, San Diego!

Needless to say, I was impressed by the quality of the establishments and their offerings. The space for the market has been supremely designed to invite you in and cruise the local vendors.

It was really fun to see so many people enjoying the space together. Despite its crowded environment, everyone was in good spirits and having a good time. Turns out it had only been open a week when we were there.

If you like the vibe brought to you by the neighborhoods of North Park and South Park, you’d be missing out if you did not venture over to the new Liberty Public Market. The organizers of this market did an amazing job bringing together public space, fine & casual dining, craft beer of course, and a variety of fair that will be sure to impress. Go take a stroll and let us know what you think.