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Avoiding Thanksgiving Mishaps And Mayhem

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday filled with family, food, love and laughter but its sadly one of the most dangerous days of the year. Homes and kitchen are filled to the brim with family and food and the added congestion can lead to unsafe kitchen conditions.

Before Cooking

Read labels carefully. Temperature labels show if the bird is fresh or frozen. If you plan to serve a fresh turkey, purchase it no more than two days before Thanksgiving.
Thaw the turkey by using the microwave, the cold-water method, or the refrigerator. The refrigerator method is USDA recommended .
Do not wash the turkey. This spreads pathogens onto kitchen surfaces. The only way to kill bacteria that causes foodborne illness is to fully cook the turkey.

While Cooking

Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing around open flames.
Don’t leave your food unattended on the stove or in the oven; make sure a person is always in the kitchen watching the food that’s cooking.
If deep-frying a turkey, do it outside with a fully thawed and un-stuffed turkey.
Never put water on a grease fire.
Store fire extinguishers in plain sight and near an exit – not under the sink, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Fires can double every five to 10 seconds – and can consume a room in just one minute – call 911 first.

After the Meal

Store leftovers in shallow pans or containers to decrease cooling time. This prevents the food from spending too much time at unsafe temperatures (between 40 °F to 140 °F).
Do not store stuffing inside a leftover turkey. Remove the stuffing from the turkey, and refrigerate the stuffing and the meat separately.
Avoid consuming leftovers that have been left in the refrigerator for longer than 3 or 4 days. Use the freezer to store leftovers for longer periods of time. Keep leftovers in a cooler with ice or frozen gel packs if the food is traveling home with a guest who lives more than two hours away.

Pet Safety

Although bones from our holiday birds look good to pets, they are dangerous and can cause intestinal upset and may even splinter once digested. These splinters can cause damage to the intestines that can lead to infection, intestinal blockage, or even the death if not treated appropriately.
Make sure you dispose of any turkey or other food packaging quickly and appropriately. All strings, plastic holders and bags that have a meat smell to them can be very attractive to a pet. Once ingested, these items can cause damage or blockage of the intestines.
Keep pets out of the kitchen and off of counter tops and work spaces, they can get underfoot causing dangerous spills and accidents. Pets also carry their own unique bacteria and you don’t want that mixing with food you’re serving your guests.

With ever expanding families, the holidays are often times when people realize their homes are not quite big enough or that its time to down size. We at Palisade Realty are here to help you with your real estate goals, whatever they may be.

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